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Tor Browser for Windows a crystal clear example of best Windows portable browser has launched as a portable app, which protect you by bouncing your communications around a disturbed network. The well designed version of this application runs by volunteers throughout the world. Tor Browser will permit you to browse in privacy on your personal I POD, Portable hard drive, USB flash drive etc. This real time protective and secure application will never leave personal information on machine after using when you run it on. Tor Browser is usable at any place where you want to go or where you have.


Tor Browser for Windows Portable:

Tor Browser for Windows Portable is great thumb drive friendly version of famous anonymous browsing software. Furthermore, this application is in fact a tweaked bundle of the Tor GUI Vidalia and also the proxy server Privacy. The beneficial thing of this Browser is that if once you have extract and fire it up, definitely it will automatically launches the two apps and connect the Tor network. There has been added some unique functions or qualities in that version like it allows you to rename the name of browsers and much more.

Some Major Points:

  • If you have this version so, you have no need  for any  other external software
  • It is completely portable
  • it will not demand administrator privileges
  • It is designed for all kinds of users
  • packaged in portable apps
  • One of the best  website browsers
  • It allows it users to proceed various activities on the web
  • It enables you to check emails and joining online communities
  • The latest version of this application can be used to browse the internet without being detected by the web servers.
  • Tor Browser will hide internet users IP  and some other information
  • It will exchanged the complete security of data between two remote computers like emails, multimedia files
  • The advanced version  of this application uses an encryption algorithm in case of interception

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