Sonic Robo Blast 2 (Fangame) P beeSP EBOOT PPSSPP

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is one of the best games especially for windows and DOS platforms.  This amazing game is inspired by the original 2D sonic games just for Genesis and also it attempts to recreate a game with this great style in 3D. Sonic team junior is the great developer of this game. Modified version of the doom legacy has been used and the source port of doom also used which allows such things like optional analogue control and one thing more true room over room. it has also been used the great elements of standard game play which will definitely make this amazing game standard able more than others which you have played ever before.


Sonic Robo Blast 2 (Fangame) P beeSP EBOOT PPSSPP:

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is abbreviated like (SRB2) has been working since 1998 and almost near its competition stag in spite of that some parts of this game are still missing. it has been noticed that Sonic has enjoyed a long overdue vacation when suddenly altered by the presence of Egg man’s massive fleet. it also gazed at the giant battleship which aimed towed Green flower. This amazing game is already bolted towards it in the blink of an eye. If you are playing that game you will see and noticed that it has rushed quickly to save Green flower city as soon as possible.  These new adventures of Sonic and also the classical blue hedgehog liked by lots of gamer.


Some Major Key Points: 2

  • It will present great custom levels
  • There has also been added great Multiplayer mode in it
  • it is inspired  by the original 2 D Sonic games
  • it attempts to recreate a game
  • it has borrowed some current elements from current Sonic game
  • Game changing ability
  • 2.1.12 Patch the Latest Version
  • The released date of this advanced version is November 11, 2014
  • There have been included fast facts on Sonic Robo Blast 2
  • The engine quality is doom legacy
  • The credit of this version is Sonic Team Junior

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