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Soft Maker Office the latest version of this software is fastest and compatible alternative to Microsoft office. The advanced office suite is available with improving word processor “Text maker”. You can espy that it also has, spreadsheet program, presentation program and plane maker. Each and every program of this application has large number of advanced features.

Soft Maker Office Crack fantastic features fulfill the requirements of both the home and business users.The rearmost version of this application offers, first class support for the Microsoft office file formats. With the help of this program you will be able to open and save both the modern XML-based formats and also the older binary formats.

Soft Maker Office

Soft Maker Keygen ,the predecessor of this latest version 2016 is already boasted to be fast and responsive. The rearmost version of soft maker office is further optimized to be even snappier. This advanced version requires just little storage space. Soft Maker Keygen has become an ideal choice for those who have slow speed laptops and windows 8 tablets. Soft maker office 2016 professional, the latest version can be installed on USB sticks.

Soft Maker Serial Number 2016 permits its users to take your personal office with you, where you are. It can be installed in corporate network automatically via GPO.As, this version is designed with multiple features, plan maker spreadsheet is one of them. It has capacity to support million rows, scenarios, data consolidation, and also letting user’s analyses data with pivot tables. It provides its users, conditional formatting with the same functionality as Excel 2016. By using it you will be able to get your work according to your own desires.

Major Points:

  • Having full compatibility with Microsoft office
  • Fast lightening even on slow machine
  • Having portability
  • Powerful tool
  • Unique functions
  • Improve productivity
  • Completely customizable
  • Including new PDF and EPUB export

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