How To Root Your Tecno N3 Using Poot And Minstro II Updated

Tecno N3 is famous Nigerian cheapest Android smartphone. This smartphone has also with an Operating System of 2.3.6 having RAM of 512MB. You can buy a Tecno N3 from a phone shops and also from the tecno distributors store. This is so cheap smartphone. You can also enjoy their best HD games and other things.

How To Root Your Tecno N3 Using Poot And Minstro II Updated

How To Root Your Tecno n3 Using Poot And Minstro II Updated

Their main reason of rooting Tecno N3 is to use DroidVPN on it. For this rooted Androids is required. This phone have a lot of high quality games, apps and many more. Here, we give process to root your Android mobile phone. These are the some steps. You have to follow it for rooting your android device.

Steps For Rooting Your Tecno N3 Android Device:

1. First Shut down your Tecno N3 device and take out your SD card also.

2. After this, Switch on the android phone. Transfer the file named as Poot.apk and install it also on your Android device internal memory. You have to enable install apps from new source like menu Settings Application new Sources. Select the option named as Enable installation for non-market Android applications.

3. Open your phone menu and launch the Poot app. You need to install Ministro II. After this, Simply go to Google play store and install the thing you download.

4. You have to update ministro library. Update it from the Google Play Store. Your phone will be reboot after completing the updating process.

5. You will two options after rebooting:

  • One is Press here to Poot.
  • Second one is Built in root check.

6. Click on the option “Press here to Poot” . After this, three options will come. These options are as under:

  • First will be Get root-checker.
  • second one will be Get Superuser.
  • Last option will be In-built rootchecker.

7. When these options will come. It will tell you that Tecno N3 has been rooted. After this open the Google Play Store and download the app.

How To Root Android Phone Watch This Tutorial Video:

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