File Commander Premium 3.5 Apk Free Downlaod

File Commander Premium 3.5 Apk is much famous Android app and also a complete file manager and a file commander. This file commander or something best file manager is organized in various useful shortcuts, which provide us quick access to local files. It also provide fast access to file remotely producers, and also it is quite easy to use. This amazing and 100% working app has a great deal which allows you to handle separate, libraries of pictures, musics, documents, videos and delete process. It also helps to delete, rename, move, zip, and send files just with in a few taps.

File Commander Premium 3.5 Apk Free Downlaod

File Commander Premium 3.5 Apk Free Download:

File Commander Premium will also provide its users the great access to remotely procedures files. If you are using it you will realize that it does not need any extra knowledge and skills in order to use and install it . It allows you to remote files and stored on external cloud services like google drive, box and sugar sync account, Drop box etc.

File Commander Premium 3.5 Apk Free Downlaod

Some Advanced Key Features:

  • It has a breadcrumbs with the purpose for file navigation
  • You can select files and folders just by taping and holding on the items
  • new cloud account are also available on it
  • Account sections in the side bar are available with shortcuts \to all added clouds
  • It will provide you bookmarks in order to select folders
  • Recycle Bin you can also find in it so you may able to delete your documents which you does not want
  • Hidden files and folders system are also available in it
  • It will manage your files with cut, copy, rename, paste, compress operations etc
  • You will be able to rummage libraries for all your music, pictures as well as for videos files
  • It contains on brand new interface which optimized for Android 5 Lollipop
  • It has ability to do multiple tasks
  • You will find devices files with out facing any hurdle in the process

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