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Partition Magic 8 Crack+Serial Key Full Version Updated Partition Magic 8 serves in order to make the re size and is able to merge partitions on your systems hard drive. By using it, you can do all that without destroying your data. This serial keygen has ability to help you to organize and protect your data. It has capacity to run multiple operating systems, convert file system and much more. Partition Magic 8 Crack will prove helpful to separate your operating system, applications, music, documents, photos, games, backup files, etc. you can use it without creating any doubt in your mind, because it is completely safe and secure. Basically, Partition Magic, serial key is optimized for business environment. It is developed with advanced features, as, convert dynamic disk to basic disk, merge partition and change cluster size. System administrators can use it, to resize partition, merge partition, split partition, move partition and much more. Business users can also use this fantastic application. Partition Magic 8 Crack+Serial Key Full Version Updated Partitions Magic 8 Serial Key can also be used for copy partition create delete and format partitions, copy disk, hide partitions and much more. This software can support windows XP, Vista, 2000, windows 7 and also windows 8. The developer of this version has claimed that, you have never use such kind of fantastic version ever before in your life.

Key Features:

  • Including change font
  • It can convert NTFS to FAT.
  • MBR disk can be converting in to GPT disk by using it.
  • User can copy UEFI boot disk with the help of it.
  • Ability to copy dynamic disk volume
  • It supports 4096 byte sector based hard drive
  • It has ability to extend partition with one step
  • Align all partitions
  • Align specified partition
  • It can change cluster size with out destroying data
  • Supports Linux Ext 2, 3&4
  • Including rebuild MBR
  • It can change partition serial number

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Download Now

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