How To Root Your Tecno N3 Using Poot And Minstro II

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The noticeable thing is that Tecno N3 is one of the beautiful and the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria with an operating system of Android 2.3.6 and also has a Ram of 512 MB. It is designed by injecting dual SIM system and unique and extraordinary features in it. It will definitely procure you a super user privilege after that you will be able to all things which you want on your phone. The major purpose of Tecno N3 is to enables it to use droid VPN on it, and also it requires just work accurately while  others have no such requirements they just want to enjoy games of highly quality.

How To Root Your Tecno N3 Using Poot And Minstro II

How To Root Your Tecno N3 Using Poot And Minstro II

Rooting will enables you to remove restrictions which you are facing in Android phones and detect them form installing some other applications. That application will get access and also can change the internal structure of operating system. The rooting process of this application is completely unvarnished, as you can easily get access to it. Though, it is to be considered that rotted can be reversed but infect it is not remain always advice able that to do so. Furthermore, applications that needed to root access on phone are like screen recorders, droidvpn, a vast anti theft etc.

How To Root Your Tecno N3 Using Poot And Minstro II

Some Major Points:

  • Available on cheap rate
  • Dual SIM system
  • It has an operating system of Android 2.3.6
  • Ram of 512 MB

How you can root?

  • First of all download “poot”
  • Now you need to go on settings
  • Now check unknown sources
  • Then you should change the proffered install location to internal device storage
  • After that go to development
  • Now check the USB debugging
  • You must also check on development the “ Allow mock locations”
  • Now you must have internet access on phone
  • It’s done
  • Enjoy it

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